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How to achieve a darker tan?

The best way is to boost your melanin levels. That is how we came up with our famous Melanin Boost Complex™. A scientific blend of natural nutrients, including the important amino acid called Tyrosin, to make sure your skin has all the ingredients at hand to profit fully from your tanning session. So it can be happy and healthy and shiny and golden. You’ll find this unique complex in ALL products of our Pure Elements and Exquisite-line.

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Good for you ingredients

All our products are developed by a team of experts with a passion for true beauty. Peau d’Or uses nothing but the best ingredients and proven innovations to provide you with a safe and perfect tan. So, the best of nature and science combined. All of our products are 100% paraben free. Now and always!

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24 platinum

Make room for the new N1 tanning lotion in the world! Peau d’Or® Platinum™ has it all: the most potent skincare and tanning ingredients. Stay tanned up to 49% longer thanks to the famous Tan-Extend Complex™ and tan up to 28% darker with Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™.

  • + Platinum Melanin™ Complex
  • + 24K SmashGold Bronzers™
  • + Smart-Dark Bronzers™
  • + Deep ‘n Dark Intensifier™
  • + Tan-Extend Complex™
  • + CoQ10 Anti-Aging
  • + UV Rejuvenating® Complex
  • + Provitamin D3
  • + Omega 3-6 Complex

250 ml / 40 ml

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About Peau d'Or

Peau d'Or is the number one brand for tanning lotions in Europe. We are commited to make our clients shine and get the most benefit from this planets awesome star: Our Sun! We believe in the power of science, and so we bring our clients the very best of both worlds. Healthy, tanned and naturally glowing skin is our aim!

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